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5/8" Tag Collar

5/8" Tag Collar

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The Jigsew Co. Tag Collar is the perfect mix of a statement and simple.  It is an exact fit design that features a small square hardware piece.  This can be simply for show or a tag holder.


Upgrade to an adjustable with an OG closure on the opposite side for $5.00.


In the customs section please state the colour of biothane you would like for your collar.

In the customs section please state the colour of hardware you would like for your collar.


*Please note that this is an exact measurement so please be careful while measuring the neck*


*Please see photos for biothane colour and hardware options*


  • Care Instructions

    Biothane is one of the easiest things to keep clean!

    See a smudge, dirty spot, or mud bath? No problem!

    No matter the mess, a simple gentle wash with soap and water will do the trick. If you need to work a little harder you can use dish soap with a soft cloth or a soft tooth brush on your products.

    *Please note that black and brass are both plated options and will wear over time with more adventures*

  • What is Biothane?

    Biothane is a woven polyester webbing with a soft PVC coating that comes in a variety of colours and widths.

    Biothane is durable, soft, lightweight, waterproof, odour proof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean.

    Biothane repels sand, water, dirt, dust, mud, and is resistant to tears.

    Biothane is great for dogs who have allergies as the material does not hold onto allergens. It is also a great option to protect coat from breakage which creates matting.


    Have an adventure dog, working dog, or a dog with long coat? We have a product for you!

    No snags, tears, odours, allergens, messes, broken coat, or fading colour. Biothane products are ready to go and don’t get bogged up and stinky in any type of environment.

    Whether your dog is hunting, hiking, swimming, rolling in mud, or having a beach day, these products are made with both dogs and their owners in mind!