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These beautiful gemstone collars are completely customizable to suit your best friends' style.

These collars are backed with a 1.5 inch black biothane, topped with your choice of

coloured biothane and hardware.  The sky's the limit for your coloured gems and design.

For more information or a quote please contact me by email, Instagram, or Facebook.

Luxury Gem Collars

We love showing off our dogs, so why not dress to impress?

From Glitz and Glam to Subtle and Sleek there are many options to jazz up your best friends most used accessory! 

The best part?  There are no limits to design or colours- where will your imagination take you?


Luxury collars are fully customizable


Every work of art starts with a blank canvas. In this case, the first step to styling your dogs luxury collar is picking the biothane colour(s) which the gems will attatch to!

Gem Patterns

This is where your creativity can really sine, either choose one of our already created patterns, or make your own!

Gem Colours

We have a broad range of gem colours, shapes and styles to  choose from.

Interested in a Custom Luxury Collar?

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