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Our top priority when it comes to your K9 kids.

Safety is every dog lover’s top priority, and it’s ours too!  To protect your best friend, we want to outline some safety tips.

Jigsew Co. products are never intended to be used for restraining an animal, although they are built ruff and tuff, they are not intended for excessive pulling.

Jigsew Co. recommends loose leash training to protect the neck of your best friend, no collar product should be worn while your best friend is pulling.

Our Jigsew Co. products are not created for any tie out purposes.  This includes, but is not limited to pegs, chains, structures, vehicles, etc.

Please do not leave your best friend unattended with these products, this can lead to, but not limited to, entanglement, ingestion, injuries etc.

When your dog is enjoying a play date, we always recommend to allow them to play naked (collar free) to avoid getting tangled with a friend.  Don’t worry, you can still have your photoshoots before and after play!

It is recommended to remove your dogs' collar after a day of adventuring.  Moisture left under a collar can create a skin irritation on your dog.  Allow their neck to dry in between time outdoors!

Our bitothane products are tested and true by our very own dogs of all sizes, from four pounds, to 130 pounds we’ve got you covered on weight, strength, and overall good looks.  That being said no product is 100% doggie proof or can be deemed indestructible.

Our biothane products are made with top quality materials:

Hardware: Our products have varying hardware, but are all built to be strong and long lasting.  Some products are made with a heavy-duty plastic buckle and adjustable slide piece.  Our metal hardware is brass, aluminum, and steel. Leash bolts and trigger clasps are heavy-duty and intended for heavy-duty operation such as dog leashes, collars, and harnesses. 

Our hardware has a lifetime guarantee, if any pieces fail, we will replace it to you at no cost.  In the event this happens we ask that you send a photo to so we can get this process started for you.

Please note that any products needing repair will be shipped at the cost of the customer.

Biothane:  Our biothane is a woven polyester webbing with a soft PVC coating.  Biothane is an exceptionally strong material.  The 3/8” width has a tested break strength of 375 pounds, the 1/2” width has a break strength of 500 pounds, the 3/4" has a break strength of 600 pounds, and the 1” strength has a tested break strength of 700 pounds. 

Double layered mask disclaimer:  this face mask is not intended to replace surgical face masks.  It is an additional options for individuals to feel protected and avoid touching their face while leaving the surgical masks for our front-line workers.  The material suggested is not medically approved.  These masks are not proven to prevent Covid-19 or any other illnesses.  Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based had rub or soap and water.  For more information please visit

When purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our policies. Jigsew Co. is not responsible for any physical or emotional damage to a human or animal as a result of product use or emergency situation.

Thank you for choosing us.

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